Commit 677a4fc5 authored by Django Janny's avatar Django Janny
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UNOTOPLYS-327 - Libellé en trop sur réinitialisation de mot de passe

parent 50ed30b6
......@@ -4,13 +4,13 @@
<img src="/content/images/icons/icon-aplly.svg" class="icon-aplly" />
<h1 class="text-4xl mb-8">{{ $t('reset.title') }}</h1>
<div class="mb-8">
<p>{{ $t('') }}</p>
<div class="relative p-4 mb-8 text-sm text-blue-900 bg-blue-100 border border-blue-200 rounded-md" v-if="success">
<p>{{ $t('reset.request.messages.success') }}</p>
<form v-if="!success" name="form" role="form" v-on:submit.prevent="requestReset()">
<div class="mb-8">
<p>{{ $t('') }}</p>
<div class="text-left block">
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