Commit 888d1ee1 authored by Pierre LINDENBAUM's avatar Pierre LINDENBAUM
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parent 94dbc9c6
......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ result.vcf.gz: result.bcf
bcftools call --multiallelic-caller --variants-only --output-type z -o $@ --format-fields GQ,GP $<
result.bcf : $(addsuffix .bam.bai,child father mother) $(addsuffix .bam,child father mother) ref.fa.fai
samtools mpileup -g --uncompressed --output-tags DP --fasta-ref ref.fa --output $@ $(filter %.bam,$^)
bcftools mpileup -g --uncompressed --output-tags DP --fasta-ref ref.fa --output $@ $(filter %.bam,$^)
$(eval $(call mapreads,father))
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