Commit 026651b8 authored by Gerson SUNYE's avatar Gerson SUNYE

Update .gitlab-ci.yml

parent 455d2551
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......@@ -30,11 +30,7 @@ pages:
- mkdir -p .public/reveal.js
- cp -rv out/images/* .public/images/
- cp -rv out/*.html .public/
- cp -rvL reveal.js/lib .public/reveal.js/
- cp -rvL reveal.js/css .public/reveal.js/
- cp -rvL reveal.js/js .public/reveal.js/
- cp -rvL reveal.js/plugin .public/reveal.js/
# - cp -rvL reveal.js/node_modules .public
- cp -rvL reveal.js/lib reveal.js/css reveal.js/js reveal.js/plugin .public/reveal.js/
- cp -f images/* .public/images/
- du -sh .public
- mv .public public
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