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......@@ -29,9 +29,9 @@ XTDL is a generic approach that provides testing facilities for executable DSLs.
## Using the XTDL
- Gemoc studio V3.2.0 ([udpate site](
- TDL tools ([udpate site](
- ATL transformation language ([update site](
- Gemoc studio Version 3.3.0-SNAPSHOT (Based on Eclipse IDE 2020-12) ([download link](
- TDL tools Version 1.0.0 ([udpate site](
- ATL transformation language Version 4.4.0 ([update site](
To use XTDL for a given DSL, the following steps have to be followed.
1. Import the intended input DSL into the plugins workspace. For example, any of the DSLs in the *Language.sequential_Workbench* folder can be used.
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