doc: Extend tlp-service-type example.

* doc/guix.texi (Power Management Services): Demonstrate
tlp-configuration usage.

Suggested by rovanion on #guix.
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......@@ -23626,17 +23626,17 @@ source is detected. More information can be found at
@uref{, TLP home page}.
@deffn {Scheme Variable} tlp-service-type
The service type for the TLP tool. Its value should be a valid
TLP configuration (see below). To use the default settings, simply
The service type for the TLP tool. The default settings are optimised
for battery life on most systems, but you can tweak them to your heart's
content by adding a valid @code{tlp-configuration}:
(service tlp-service-type)
(service tlp-service-type
(cpu-scaling-governor-on-ac (list "performance"))
(sched-powersave-on-bat? #t)))
@end lisp
@end deffn
By default TLP does not need much configuration but most TLP parameters
can be tweaked using @code{tlp-configuration}.
Each parameter definition is preceded by its type; for example,
@samp{boolean foo} indicates that the @code{foo} parameter
should be specified as a boolean. Types starting with
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