Unverified Commit 2f60db66 authored by Tanguy Le Carrour's avatar Tanguy Le Carrour Committed by Marius Bakke

gnu: Add python-libcst.

* gnu/packages/python-xyz.scm (python-libcst): New variable.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMarius Bakke <marius@gnu.org>
parent 100f7f9d
......@@ -12341,6 +12341,63 @@ in Python. It allows you to declare the libraries your project depends on and
it will manage (install/update) them for you.")
(license license:expat)))
(define-public python-libcst
(name "python-libcst")
(version "0.3.8")
(source (origin
(method url-fetch)
(uri (pypi-uri "libcst" version))
(build-system python-build-system)
(modify-phases %standard-phases
(add-after 'unpack 'remove-failing-tests
(lambda _
;; Reported upstream: <https://github.com/Instagram/LibCST/issues/346>.
(delete-file "libcst/tests/test_fuzz.py")
;; Reported upstream: <https://github.com/Instagram/LibCST/issues/347>.
(delete-file "libcst/tests/test_pyre_integration.py")
(delete-file "libcst/codemod/tests/test_codemod_cli.py")
(delete-file "libcst/metadata/tests/test_full_repo_manager.py")
(delete-file "libcst/metadata/tests/test_type_inference_provider.py")
(add-before 'check 'generate-test-data
(lambda _
(setenv "PYTHONPATH" (string-append (getcwd) ":" (getenv "PYTHONPATH")))
(invoke "python" "-m" "libcst.codegen.generate" "visitors")
(invoke "python" "-m" "libcst.codegen.generate" "return_types")))
(replace 'check
(lambda _
(invoke "python" "-m" "unittest")
`(("python-black" ,python-black)
("python-isort" ,python-isort)))
`(("python-typing-extensions" ,python-typing-extensions)
("python-typing-inspect" ,python-typing-inspect)
("python-pyyaml" ,python-pyyaml)))
(home-page "https://github.com/Instagram/LibCST")
(synopsis "Concrete Syntax Tree (CST) parser and serializer library for Python")
"LibCST parses Python source code as a CST tree that keeps all
formatting details (comments, whitespaces, parentheses, etc). It's useful
for building automated refactoring (codemod) applications and linters.
LibCST creates a compromise between an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) and
a traditional Concrete Syntax Tree (CST). By carefully reorganizing and
naming node types and fields, LibCST creates a lossless CST that looks and
feels like an AST.")
(license (list license:expat
;; Some files unde libcst/_parser/ are under Python Software
;; Foundation license (see LICENSE file for details)
;; libcst/_add_slots.py
(define-public python-typing-inspect
(name "python-typing-inspect")
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