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add phantompeakqual as dependency

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......@@ -50,6 +50,7 @@ Rscript sraDownload.R -a 'ascp -QT -l 300m -i ~/.aspera/connect/etc/asperaweb_i
* [ROSE]( for calling superEnhancer. ROSE has to be run inside the installation folder. now I hard coded the path in the Snakefile. (you will have to change that to the ROSE directory in your cluster). Todo: expose the path to the `config.yaml` file that one can change.
* [macs1]( v1.4.2 and [macs2]( v2.1.1 for calling peaks (macs2 for broad peaks).
* [multiQC](
* [phantompeakqual](
`macs1`, `macs2` and `ROSE` are python2.x, see this [Using Snakemake and Macs2](!searchin/snakemake/macs%7Csort:relevance/snakemake/60txGSq81zE/NzCUTdJ_AQAJ) in the snakemake google group.
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