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Add an install/update script

parent fa6cf7f0
set -e
function downloadAndErase() {
rm -f "$1"
echo "Downloading $2鈥"
wget -q "$2" --output-document="$1"
function downloadIfNotPresent() {
if [[ ! -f "$1" ]]; then
downloadAndErase $1 $2
if [[ -f src/css/theme/source/stereopticon.scss ]]; then
echo "This script must not be run from the stereopticon folder, but from the reveal.js project where you want to install stereopticon!"
exit 1
if [[ -d reveal.js ]]; then
cd reveal.js
if [[ ! -f js/reveal.js ]]; then
echo "This script must be run next to or inside a reveal.js install folder!"
exit 1
downloadAndErase css/theme/stereopticon.css
downloadIfNotPresent lib/font/yanone-kaffeesatz-latin-400.woff2
downloadIfNotPresent lib/font/opensans-latin-300.woff2
downloadIfNotPresent lib/font/opensans-latin-400.woff2
downloadIfNotPresent lib/font/ubuntu-mono-latin-400-normal.woff2
echo "stereopticon successfully installed/updated! 馃帀"
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